October 2nd Journal Entry for Inga Svanhart

What would I do for a good hunt?

It all started with Roxie’s email. She mentioned the bounty for game in Olympic National Park due to some animal behavior issues. It seemed like an easy way to earn some extra money. Just to be sure that I wasn’t intruding on the ‘furry’ community (sorry, Sebastien, I know not all shapechanger are not fuzzy, but it is what comes first to my mind), I sent an email to Sebastien. Its not shapechangers, but Seb reported seeing strange lights. So… maybe supernatural.

I invited Rika along to join in the hunt. I thought she would enjoy it. Hell, I thought I would enjoy it, but it turned into wasted time ( Well almost wasted, I did get $500 out of it).

There is something wrong with that park. We drove out early in the morning, and found a campsite before sun up. As we exited the car the scent of death hit us. It is probally as bad as any week old battlesite, with carrion rotting everywhere. The bodies of animals were just lying there. Bones and flesh were broken… but not by any normal weapon. Rather if was as if the animal had thrown themselves repeatedly at the ground until they died.

I definatly don’t want to die that way. I have to figure out what force caused this so I can protect against it. Thats why I called the hunt. Sure we could have run through the forest searching, but I prefer my death to have a bit more collatoral damage. Defense first.

We gathered the bodies for the bounty (disgusting!) and turned them in. I’m not sure how a i feel about being on file for turning in dead bodies. Its kind of insulting to my pride to be thought of as a cleaning lady. Oh! and Rika really didn’t like her picture to be taken. Something about CIA after her? Sounds like she is the prey. I wouldn’t have tagged her for being weak, but she will need to turn the tables on her hunter unless she wants to be hunted her entire life. If she is afraid of that, why is she one of the chosen?

We did a little gun and ammo shopping after that (nothing really special happened). We went home and I got my nap. I was so determined to find out what was happening in the Park I went to Dim Town. By myself. I’m not sure that was the smartest thing I could do.

At the Bar in Dimtown, a very nice Oni (Japenesse orgre) poured me the best sake I’ve ever tasted. Very smooth. I could probally talk about this sake for awhile (hmmm, go back after the hunt to celebrate?). The oni gave me two leads. 1. (NAME???) the one you pay. and 2. Greymalkin (gray cat). He didn’t have any recommendations,other than the cat’s customers tend to have shorter life spans. Since I’m a bit short of cash, and don’t want to overspend, I approached the cat. He’d been obnoxiously staring at me since I had walked in.

The cat seemed to have some knowledge and initailly didn’t want to share. After comparing him to a purse (his coat was soft, and he kept referring to me as a bird!!), he bacame a bit more cooperative. He gave me the location of this ‘ancient’ that had been woken up by the Fae Courts’s battles in Olympic National Park. I realize now, that he didn’t give me much clue as to what it is.

But I have to say, I am very excited. This is going to be a big hunt. I just need to find some more information. I wonder if I could handle it alone or if I should take in back-up? I wonder if I could get that manservant’s help? I could always feed the good doctor a line about it being an ancient being and it may have some antiquities for him. Rika… hmmm, how do I get her interested? Especially after this last disgraceful hunt?

October 2nd Journal Entry for Inga Svanhart

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