October 2nd Journal Entry for Rika Somner


Bored, bored, bored.

You would think that a person who can wait days for a single good shot can handle a few weeks of downtime, right? Wrong. That kind of work gives you a focus. There is a hunt of sorts going on and the patience is very focused. This is torture. And being stuck in a house with a team of Einherjar, no matter how fun they can be, will drive you fucking crazy after a month. Sure, we can go out, but when there isn’t something to be actively doing, none of us are that patient.

Luckily, or so I thought at the time, Inga Svanhart from upstairs asked if I was interested in going hunting with her. She’s a perky valkyrie who has been a fun gun shopping partner so I figured it couldn’t be too bad to get out. There’s also a new shop I wanted to check out with her for some ammo. Inga said that might be some money involved and that it was out at Olympic National Park. After being stuck with nothing to really hold my interest (except for Bjorg), it sounded pretty good. She told me we’d head out at 2am.

I packed my favorite rifle and some of my side arms into their cases, smiling as their cool steel slid across my fingers and into the protective padding. Gathering up my gear and tucking a few pieces of long, blond hair back under my cap I headed out to the SUV. As she drove, Inga said that weird things have been going on over at Olympic. Weird things are always happening there because of the fae, so a few lights aren’t usually noticeable to most people. However, she said that they are offering a bounty for any animal because something is killing them.

When we pulled up to the park entrance there were CDC everywhere and there was a ranger there who said that animals were dying off like there was a pandemic going on. All the animals were going crazy and pretty much committing suicide in really fucked up ways. I asked if it was affecting any humans (Hey. I don’t want to get whatever this is.) and he said that a bighorn ran a guy off a cliff and that another guy jumped off the west face, but that he didn’t think they were connected. His words were that he didn’t think there was a “human connection.” So…. maybe it’s just me, but in a place where the fae fight I have to think they might have started something. And Winter is in power.

We headed in and the place reeked of death. Eerily silent except for the noises we made this place made my skin itch the way it does when something is going to go horribly wrong. I may not be the woodsy one, but when you go out to kill something it usually isn’t this silent unless you are the prey. We started picking up the twisted and creepy furred corpses and bag them. I just wanted to leave by this point and we got enough for top bounty and headed out.

When we dropped off the animals, they cut us our checks and then they said they had to take our pictures so that no one could collect twice. FUCK ME IN THE EYE. If I had known that, I would have just not come. I don’t usually do this weird bounty shit and not when it involves government agencies. This is what I get for being bored and going out with Inga. I’ve still been having issues with that asshole Agent Calboro. I’ve been off his radar for a little while, but with him thinking I’m trafficking weapons or some such shit, if he can find me it’ll be an annoyance I and Monoc don’t need. And now with an image in the systems, he can see the latest place I’ve been. The office will not be pleased. I am not pleased.

As Inga and I were getting in the car all I could think of was that we should go back and steal the camera or have someone at corporate hack into the system. She pointed out that it would raise more flags and talked me out of it. Last time I go out on one of her side trips without getting a full detailed list of what is involved. Even shopping for new ammo didn’t make me feel better.

October 2nd Journal Entry for Rika Somner

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