October 3rd Journal Entry for Dr. James Warburton

Journal Entry October 3rd, 2000

I had a most interesting day today. Sad, interested, terrified. The day began as any other Tuesday would. Poor sleep due to my house being haunted (I’m sure of this now), preparing for my class, Content Not Found: maxwell-carington-iii being his usually chipper self. After arriving at my class, I noticed that a particularly bright student named Content Not Found: allen-lancaster had not shown up for the third week in a row. This was odd to me because this kid was brilliant, and always asking me interesting questions (unlike the rest of the colonial heathens that spend their time there). After class I endeavored to call him, but found his voice box full. After attempting to reach him via email, I got an immediate response back from a mailer daemon, and I recognized the type of response. One having to do with the police searching through your email. After a quick look online, I discovered that Alan had taken a leap off of the Space Needle in a baffling murder/suicide. He never seemed the type to do such a thing, but there was nothing I could do for poor Alan now. The colonies would be a poorer place without his intelligence.

After I retired to my house, I received an email from Ms. Blackwell, the annoying little Warden pup. She was inviting me out to a bar. Was this some sort of trap? And if not, what information would I be able to glean? Maxwell did not like the idea, nor did I, but I decided it was best to accept and see what I could glean. She wanted to meet at a place called the Alibi. It was filthier than even I imagined one such as she might hang out. I mean there was a wall of chewed gum outside, and the inside of the bar looked like you could catch the HIV just from breathing the air. She was in the company of a woman with only one leg (Note: find out who that person is…) who left right as we arrived. She ordered some drinks as Maxwell and I bickered about the horribleness of the place, and invited us to sit. While she may have impressed me ever so slightly with her paying attention in my class, her conversations skills would bore redwood trees to death. I’ve had better conversations with feral pigs. I learned infuriatingly little of what I hoped to glean, which is more information about this White Council and their Wardens.

As Ms. Blackwell was prattling on about some relationship woe or some such, the most enchanting woman entered the bar. Gorgeous and dressed to kill in a low cut red dress, she walked over to our table and engaged me in conversation. Maxwell could sense she was dangerous as bloody hell, and I could feel she wasn’t mortal but beyond that I knew only that this conversation would be dangerous. We exchanged pleasantries and I came to find that she was one Content Not Found: selena-childs, the owner of many of the nightclubs in town, and owner of the infamous Dante’s, an elite exclusive night club catering to the rich and famous. She invited me over to the club, for which I was ever so grateful. One for getting me away from the annoying Ms. Blackwell and her dingy dirty bar, and two because anyone who was anyone would be at Dante’s. Ms. Blackwell seemed to think she was my date and insisted on coming, but I disabused her of that foolish notion, and begged Ms. Childs to allow me to go home and change into something more suiting. She agreed, and left, and Maxwell and I soon followed.

As Maxwell drove me home, I called every contact I could think of to find out more about Selena Childs. From the mortal perspective she is a powerful influence on Seattle’s night scene, well connected and while not directly rich, owns around 80% of Seattle’s bars and night clubs. Talking to Corva, I learned she is one of the most dangerous people in Seattle, an ancient and powerful vampire. Corva was of the mind that staying away from Selena Childs was the smartest thing anyone could do, but I had little option. To not go to her club after having been personally invited would be a big slight, but going could result in my death. If I survived, then my reputation in the city would be increased, and so I went, despite Maxwell’s misgivings.

We arrived a short while later. They really need to get a valet out front or something, I wasn’t terribly happy with the way I was treated at the door, but decided silence was the better route here. After the bouncer got back from parking the Bentley we were escorted upstairs to the top floor where there are private rooms. Maxwell waited outside as I entered to find Ms. Childs in a stunning new white dress draped elegantly over a couch. Still not sure what to expect, never having dealt with a vampire before, I did my best to be as charming as only the British can be. We enjoyed some good wine, and she served me a fabulous meal, and we chatted about a business proposition. She was interested in getting a better hold on Seattle’s day time business, and needed someone who would be able to do so. She thought I would be the perfect person to do it (which I would be). We chatted a bit about the endeavor, and i found she was looking to purchase some property from the Rosen Creutz? corporation that she would then turn over to me in exchange for a 60/40 profit split. I told her I would need to have my people look over it, but it sounded like a very beneficial deal. As the club closed down, I left and headed back to home.

I nearly passed out from the released tension on the car ride back. There is an angle Ms. Childs is playing that I am not aware of yet, but I will find it. I can only assume there is something more for her to gain from either the buildings or from my own involvement. For now it is best that I act fawning rich dilettante, for it would not due for her to think me a threat to be eliminated. As long as I appear useful, I hope she will continue to maintain the relationship we currently have. But I need more information on vampires and their weaknesses, least I be caught unawares. Perhaps Inga might have more information… If I recall, she had mentioned hunting vampires in the past. I also wonder if I should invite Ms. Childs to the party this Saturday. To not do so would likely be another insult as I’m certain she already knows about it, and again it could help boost my reputation in this city. I will mull it over while I rest… that is, if this house will let. I swear, if I hear one more groan and creak from this place, I’ll burn it down to the foundation and rebuild it.

His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III

October 3rd Journal Entry for Dr. James Warburton

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