October 5th Evening Journal Entry for Inga Svanhart

We got back from Olympic, and headed back to base. I had a of time before the meeting at the vampire club, so I decided to make a Rune bullet just for the occasion. Carving this bullet was a special effert. “Love” is such a corrupted everyday word that the bullet would only be good for six hours. I’m going to have to do research, and either find a more powerful word for the Raithes, or fall in love myself (ha ha, doubtful).

I had barely finished carving the rune bullet when I heard Rika downstairs calling me. I throw on my trusty Blacks (the ones that say “mess with me and regret it”) and hurried downstairs. As we drove I finished my braid, and doubled checked my gear. Daddy’s revolver… check… bullets … check… garrote… check… keys… damn. Good thing Rika’s driving.

At the bar His lorship walks right up to the front door, bypassing a seemly endless line of bar hopping fiends (which the wizard goes to the back of.) We get directed to Justinian’s table. Rika takes a close guard by the table. I scout the room, and take a position between the bar and the table, hopefully opening up an exit if needed. Justinian and his lorship are in serious discussion. It takes me a moment to figure out they are speaking in Mandarin Chinese. I can’t lip read but I pick up a few words as I scan the crowd.

Random thought- I don’t know if I can ever enjoy sake again thanks to that Oni. I hope its not the same for the rest of alcohol.

As I continue to scan the crowd, I notice this is mostly a gathering of the supernatural. Very few of the souls here are able to be gathered for the Anheriar. Its like a game, picking out the furry, the vamps, fey, and others.

His lordship seems to come to a decision, and I see Justinian tense for a moment… and then relax. It must be the answer he wants. Alliance with the white court… Oh, well. None of my business. I’m just on the clock for the next two weeks.

But maybe I can follow up with Olympic and see if the violence has stopped. If it has, has a new hot spot appeared?

October 5th Evening Journal Entry for Inga Svanhart

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