October 6th journal entry for dr james warburton

Arriving home well after midnight, Maxwell and I were annoyed to find the door slightly open. Can no one knock anymore, they all have to invade my house? I swear, I’m going to setup land mines or something. Maxwell went into hunting mode, with me following behind him. I became a little distracted by some dirty footprints on the floor, and ended up heading a different direction than Maxwell into the sitting room. Rafikh was sitting there on my couch, in all his filthy glory. I give him plenty of money every time I see him, is it too much to ask him to bath every once in a while.

I sat down aross from him. “Hello Rafikh, what brings you here?” Rafikh went on to explain that the reason he was here was because of a piece of my patron’s horde here. Specifically, there was a piece he had given away long ago, and now was a danger to his agents. Apparently, it is a bronze bullman statue, that can come to life. It is somehow linked to ancient Crete and the legends of Minotaurs and their labyrinth. Regardless, it needed to be destroyed or it might come back to haunt me. Rafikh told me he needed a little money but could find out where it was. He told me he’d stop by tomorrow during the party to let me know. I tried to persuade him otherwise, but he insisted and then headed out.

Maxwell had been watching for a while, and asked if he was a friend, and I replied he was, so he let him go. I headed up to my room to find that Rafikh had rolled in all of the beds in all of the bedrooms. They were probably crawling with lice now. I woke up the staff and had them burn the sheets and clean up the other messes Rafikh had left. He may have saved my life and introduced me to power, but he is rapidly trying my patience.

My sleep that night was restfull but I had nightmares. Something Rafikh had mentioned stuck with me, as well as Selena. My nightmare seemed very real, with Selena coming into my room and telling me that I wanted her. I was powerless to get away, and then looked down to find my hand turning to sand. The price Rafikh said he’d seen people pay for the power I wield was that a part of them turn to sand.

I woke in a start, and immediately ate a good breakfast and talked to Maxwell for a bit. He cheekishly asked me if it was a good idea to invite both Ms. Childs and Mr. Raithe, and i replied it likely wasn’t, but was beyond helping now. I secretly hope that I can reason with Selena. Mr. Raithe bought my services to not help her in this venture, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do other things later. I can’t say I’m thrilled about the prospect, since she was trying to get me killed, but I’d prefer to let her think I’m still willing to work with her for now. I may want to keep the two mercs on retainer for a while.

October 6th journal entry for dr james warburton

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