October 4th-5th Journal Entry for Inga Svanhart

This hunt is turning out very different than I expected.

After finding the location of the ‘hunt’ I tried to research what it could be. I even brought in Rika to help! Googling, asking Susanna… there was just not a lot of information So, we prepped for a scouting missions. I negotiated with his lordship to come along and bring his aide. He got rights to whatever antiquities there were, and we got back-up. During those negotiations we (Rika and I), agreed to a contract to protect him at an upcoming party. It seems like he has vampire troubles. I’m staying up late tonight to make some more Rune Bullets for Dad’s gun.

When we met the next morning at his helicopter, His lordship surprised us by having another helper. A female wizard, approximately 5’7’’ and 120-140 lbs. I thought she would be useful for magical attacks, I didn’t get much time to talk with her. She took the truck out, while the rest of us flew to the clearing (I keep forgetting about wizards and technology).

When we had all met up again, we hiked to the cave. There was an awful energy surrounding it and inside of it. As we walked in, I saw visions appear around his lordship and Rika. His Lordship looked as if he had a dark serpent coiled around him. Rika took on the appearance of the one-eyed soldier. I think these were signs of what supernatural powers protect them… since the aide didn’t show anything. But the again, the wizard was a blank too. hmmm.

In the cave we found a page that looked like it had fallen out of a book. His lordship tried to read it, and got some kind of supernatural punch. He was out of it for a couple minutes.

They packed it up and took it home. The cave seemed quieter afterward. Is this all that was causing the trouble?

What kinda of hunt is this? Why were the Fey so afraid? What is that page? Why are there so may damned all questions??!!

I wonder if the page will cause trouble wherever his lordship is keeping it. (Glad its not in my home. I prefer my trophies to be dead and stuffed).

October 4th-5th Journal Entry for Inga Svanhart

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