October 4th-5th Journal Entry for Morgiana Blackwell

4 October 2000

I’m currently sitting in a bed in the servant’s house of His Lordship’s estate, It ma be the servants quarters but it does feel more cozy than my own apartment, though I miss my wards and the smell of incense. After coffee I failed at making friends with a stranger, again. So as planned I wend to the Y and spent some time beating the heavy bag. A half hour and 2 purple Gatorades later I had worked most of the remaining toxins out of my system. I showered there and changed into the clean set of clothes from my pack. I caught the bus back to my shithole and meditated for a bit to get myself in the right frame of mind to deal with pompous assholes who were going to get themselves killed or worse if I didn’t intervene.

I changed into the green silk ball gown Richard had bought for me before last year’s Winter Formal in Edinburgh. This was primarily so whoever answered would not reject me out of hand and call the police. I was greeted by a short Hispanic woman who invited me to sit in the foyer to wait for James.

I didn’t feel like leaving my power at the door so I told her I would meet him in the garden. I made my way around the back where I was astonished to find a HUGE sand garden. It was reminiscent of the Japanese zen gardens just bigger. So I walked the winding flagstone path through the sand and was met by His Lordship a short time later. As he walked across the sand he left no trace.

He greeted me cordially though he slipped by calling me Mrs Blackwell. It was a mistake that one such as His Lordship Dr. James Avery Warburton the third was not likely to make. A mistake which screamed that he was much more stressed than his collected collegiate appearance would suggest. So I did what any self respecting lady would do and corrected him. It was not to through him off balance at all. Right?

“His Lordship, you are a man who is in the know, otherwise we would not know each other, you know at least a little of the real world. I’m sure you already know, but Selina Childs is a vampire.” If that is not direct I don’t know what is. “Do you understand how much danger you are putting yourself in by dealing with her?”

“I’m beginning to.” he stated mildly.

“You do realize that your man, Maxwell, I believe you called him would be all but useless if one of those monsters decided to make a go for you” What little of Warburton’s file I was authorized to read warned against underestimating the bland looking man with whom Warburton traveled and meeting him last night confirmed my suspicions that he was more than a butler. Who brings their butler slumming with them?

“I am beginning to see that. What is your point Miss Blackwell?”

“I’m offering to protect you from the monsters in ways that you can’t protect yourself.”

With an amused smile he said “Oh really, and how would that be?”

Just then the sands beneath me began to shift and the flagstone on which I stood moved around His Lordship in a display of power that originated from something old and terrible. I kept my best poker face, smiled and said “If you could kindly stop that? Do you know of anyone else who can do this while unarmed?” and I sent a significant spirit ball at the tree to our left shattering it at the trunk and causing it to fall into the sands. He wanted to flex, I can flex too. Cocksucker.

“I’m offering what protection I can provide for personal reasons this has nothing to do with the Wardens or their previous dealings with you.”

Just then something clicked for him and the sands settled. “I agree, but first tell me everything you know of the vampires.”

So over some good earlgrey and crackers with a sharp cheddar I told him all that I had researched on the three courts. Their strengths, their weaknesses their bases of power in Seattle. It turned out that Justinian Raith, the white court lord of Seattle, paid James a visit only minutes before I arrived and was a bit less diplomatic than Childs. Maxwell sat with us as I laid it all out. The man looked like shit, his eyes were half lidded and he chain smoked through the whole hour and a half lecture.

A short time later I went to his room to establish wards within his bedroom. He came in when I was about half done and asked what I was doing in an annoyed tone. I explained to him and told him that though these wards would pack a hell of a punch they are nowhere nearly as strong as they could be if made in a more permanent fashion. He asked what I needed for that And i told him a dremmel, 10 ounces of platinum wire, 20 gauge, 5 ounces of silver wire, 12 gauge and 2 ounces of copper wire 12 gauge. He asked me why I didn’t ward the whole house and I explained to him the difference between the 5 entrances that his bedroom has, including windows, compared to the fifteen entrances to the house has, not counting the windows. Also I doubt that his house has much of a Threshold base on what he told me of what the whitecourt bitch did. I will also need about a half a cup of his blood but we will get to that later.

I wonder if his Power can only be utilized while in contact with sand or if it is any earth? Does he need to be in contact with it? I will have to find out. If what I suspect is true I have some other defenses to add to his room. The threshold of his house doesn’t feel strong and I’m guessing a vamp could breach it without flinching. Not to mention their slaves.

Later he informed me that we would be going on a short day hike into the Olympic National Forest. I went home and gathered my rucksack, gear and a spare set of clothes. I stopped at sushi wave grabbed a bite and headed back over to James’ place. Damn their big tuna roll is good!

So tomorrow it’s off to the woods. I’m looking forward to it, I love a good hike.

I have to call Richard later and inform him that I have gotten closer to our mark and the current situation. I don’t think he will be pleased to hear that the reds are trying to sink their claws (or fangs) into the second richest man in Seattle. Childs already pretty much owns the city but if she enthralls or turns His Lordship she will have a strangle hold that will quite probably push the rest of us out if we are lucky. I will ask him what he thinks of extending Warburton an official state of Protection. Also making his home an accorded neutral ground would not be a bad idea, we would need three signatories but it would make sense for both Selina and Justinian to want this if for no other reason than to try to lure Warburton into a false sense of security. Plus how bad would it look if JR said no and Selina says yes or vice versa, talk about the ball changing courts (pun intended).

5 October 2000

I’m writing from the back of a limo so please forgive my poor handwriting. We had an interesting day to say the least. We woke and prepared for the trip to the Olympic National Forest and for the record Warburton’s gear is nice! We were met at the house by a couple of blonds who Warburton had hired and evidently not for their looks. While they could of been bunnies they each had the taste of death about them. While they both seemed like they were hard the one named Inga had a look of singular purpose that the other named Rika did not posses, while Rika looked paranoid and disciplined. I’m guessing Vet. We went to SeaTac in His Lordship’s limo while Rika and Inga followed in their matte black Humvee.

When we arrived at Seatac and all piled into a helo. I began to worry how the technology was going to react to my energies. Wizards and tech don’t get along. The chopper fired up and died almost immediately. well shit.

So I drove to the Forest in the Hummer and they took the chopper. It took me about two hours while it probably only took them a half hour. As I entered the Forest I immediately knew something was very very wrong. The woods reeked of death and decay. Not a single live animal was to be seen, no birds, no squirrels, nothing. plenty of dead ones littered the sides of the road. It was just strait up creepy, the energy of the forest was all out of wack. I know Somhain is just around the corner so the energies will be tense from the conflict of the fey but this was different.

I found the campsite where the helicopter was parked and we made our way up the mountain that stood behind it. Beneath the mountain laid a fairly powerful lay line and I could feel its power throbbing all around us. I wondered if any of the others could feel it as well. By now I was very nervous as the energy seemed to get more corrupt as we went, I pulled my .357 from its holster just for comfort and on the off chance we encountered something that the laws would apply to up there. As far as shooting things go it looked like Hitler’s poster girls had it covered but I still like the feel of the steel in my fist.

We made it to our destination which was the mouth of a cave that had been blasted open but not by any traditional means. The power there was almost sickening. The rest of our group produced flashlights and entered the cave. I produced a bullet pushed just a touch of spirit energy into it and made my own pale blue light. The interior of the cave was a glass smooth dome with a perfectly flat floor. I was gettin pretty damn uneasy about the whole situation, even the Ladies didn’t look entirely comfortable for the first time. I think the only one who was not the least bit jostled was Max. As we advanced into the room Inga grew a fantastic pair of ghostly wings and armor. As I looked around the other were changing too, Warburton was wrapped in a serpentine shape of sand and shadow while Rika wore a phantom helm or wide brimmed hat of sorts and a spear materialized on her back. As far as I could tell only Max and I didn’t have a ghostly transformation of sorts.

In the center of the room was a single piece of paper. It looked old.one edge was tattered as though it had been removed from a book. I didn’t recognize the writing on it but it reminded me of Byzantine cuneiform. If it was I’ve no doubt that the good doctor would be able to read it and he couldn’t. He wanted to do some sort of his magic to it and I went to the cave mouth so as not to disrupt whatever it was he was doing. He stared intently at the page until wham it looked like he was hit in the head with a sledge hammer. he laid there for a few seconds and my heart skipped a beat. On one hand maybe all this trouble surrounding His Lordship had just taken care of its self, on the other hand I really liked the asshole.

A few seconds later it looked like his face cracked turned to sand and snaked into his very expensive shirt. He got up and dusted himself off like nothing had happened. Rika asked if I could do anything more to discover what the page was. I lied and told her no, there was no way I was opening my third eye in there. I may take a Look at it later after i have had some time to mentally armor myself. I procured a shirt from my pack to protect the page from the rain on our way down. James looked at me with a half amused half annoyed look as he snapped his fingers and Max retrieved a case from one of their packs that was probably humidity controlled and air tight. I should have figured, the man does come from a long line of archeologists (tomb raiders) after all.

We made our way back to ze choppa and the hummer and then back to seatac without further incident. Tomorrow Inga and Rika are being fitted for something ballroom appropriate and I figure I will be fitted as well. His Lordship couldn’t be seen with a city tramp like me in public. It would be social suicide. tonight we proceed to the noc noc to meet up w/ JR that should be interesting.

October 4th-5th Journal Entry for Morgiana Blackwell

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