October 4th-5th Journal Entry for Rika Somner

My days seem to be finding a new routine. Inga once again came into my room and told me she had discovered the source of the Olympic problem. Apparently, something was awoken during the last court battle. Too bad no one seems to know what it is… I couldn’t find anything on the computer about it either and Inga heard nothing from HQ.

She also said she knows someone who might be a backer if we want to go check out some cave that might have some answers. She called some guy named His Lordship, Dr. James Avery Warburton III. I’m assuming I can shorten that to “His Lordship”. The people I have known are very particular about names and titles. Power and all is very particular about it.

Anyway, since she is His Lordships’ contact I suggested she should be the one to call him to negotiate the contract. He says that he’ll do it if we do him the favor of working as bodyguards for a party he’s having. While a trade is okay, it isn’t really the same. Especially after VAMPIRES are mentioned. I suggested half salary plus a finders fee for anything in the cave he gets to keep.

The Inga says he knows my name. A little bird told him. Who the hell is this bird and how does it know me? He bears watching.

The party will begin Saturday at 6pm. I want to show up at about 2ish to scope out the house and land for myself. I request that he send over the blueprints for the house so that I can study them in advanced for escape routes, safe points, ect. Attire will be beyond black tie. Inga insists he pay for the clothing since neither of us have the appropriate wear. I suggest that if he has a tailor he prefers that things will go more quickly since his tastes are already known and he would already have an established account. He agrees to the deal and we fax the papers into HQ for them to deal with.

Since we’re leaving in the morning, I figured I better get ready and pack. Sliding my headset fully off, I logged out of World of Warcraft (I have A LOT of time on my hands between jobs) and turned off the computer. I packed three bags. One for tomorrow with camo clothes and my large caliber weaponry and one for the party with flat black clothes in case i need to be in a better position to shoot someone. The ammo for that night will be incendiary and hollow points.

Tomorrow morning is going to come too soon…

October 4th-5th Journal Entry for Rika Somner

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